Mary Nimi Studio

S78 W31557 Wingate Court
Mukwonago, WI 53149
Mary Nimi’s Website

Image of Mary Nimi at her studioSet up against the woods, Mary Nimi’s studio lets in all the sights and sounds of nature that inspire her while she works.  The open, well lit and colorful space is very adaptable to the needs of the day, whether for large pieces, small pieces or workshops, it all fits.

The space also accommodates all the mediums she works or dabbles in, concrete, metal, clay, sometimes painting and even dyeing.  Without a doubt a fun place to be!!!

As nature is a living, changing thing, so is this studio.   Whether buzzing with the excitement students bring to a workshop or a new exciting project under way, this place is always breathing with new ideas.

Guest Artist: Sherida Wank

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